Witt Lining Systems and flexible corrosion resistant tank liners.

Welcome to the blog of Witt Lining Systems.  The purpose of our blog is to provide you with timely information on our company as well as answer any and all questions you may have as they pertain to flexible corrosion resistant tank liners.

How about a little about us?  We are a family run business that started in 1972.  We have the capacity to handle any project, but we are close knit enough to empower our employees to say “yes” whenever possible. 

Our specialization in corrosion resistant industrial liners has made us the go to choice for flexible liners for process tanks, storage tanks, pits, trenches, and secondary containment areas.  We don’t spread our fabrication techniques thin in trying to do ponds, landfills, lagoons, etc.  Instead we do what we do and do it better than anyone else.  For you, this means a liner that fits properly and provides the longest possible service life.

We offer exclusive PVC formulations such as Spectra Blue™ PVC, Exceline™ PVC and Koroseal® PVC.  We also have other formulations like Exceline™ PW PVC for potable water and HP (High Performance) Koroseal® which offers the highest service temperature limit of any flexible PVC on the market.  With this array of formulations we can offer you the most appropriate material for your application.

This blog area will quickly grow and will be providing a wide range of information on PVC liners and their applications in tanks and containment areas.  If there is a particular question you have please feel free to drop us an email or place a question in the comment section.

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