What To Do Before You Install A Witt Drop In Tank Liner

When a Witt Lining Systems‘ tank liner is delivered there are a few considerations to be mindful of before pulling the liner out the box.

The first, and most important step, is to be sure that the liner and shipping carton have been heated up to 70oF before removing the liner from the box.  For the most economical shipping rates we fold the liner up as tightly as possible.  If the liner is unfolded when cold the fold areas might possibly crack.  Now, if this happens, those cracks can be easily repaired, but it’s best to avoid that from the beginning.  We recommend opening the top of the box and allowing warm air to enter inside for 24 hours before removing the liner.  If time is of the essence you can open the box and place space heaters around and heat up the liner quicker this way.

With the box open you will find a few triangular shaped pieces.  These are pieces that we cut out of your liner in order to fabricate the bottom corners.  We include these pieces so you will have scrap material should you ever need to make a repair.  Simply store these pieces in an area where you will remember where they are at.

If you ordered Wittclips™ with your liner, they will be packaged inside a small cardboard tube.  Inside the tube are instructions on how to use the clips.

Lastly, with the packing slip will be our General Installation Instructions.  These instructions include the points mentioned above as well as notes on how to install a liner as well as leaching instructions if needed.



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