Can A Tank Liner Be Made With Divider Walls?

We can fabricate tank liners to fit most any size or shape.  Items like divider walls present two options. 

The first option is to make what we call a “saddle” and incorporate the divider wall into the liner.  Multiple stations can be put together not just a two station liner.  Naturally we would require the divider wall thickness, height, and location in order to properly build such a tank liner.  This saddle piece bridges the gap on the divider wall and makes for a very smooth transition from station to station.  Installation can be a little bit harder in that you are dealing with multiple sections but if an overhead hoist is available installation is pretty straight forward.

The second option is to simply make each section of the liner a separate independent liner.  The liners are built to turn down into the adjacent tank a few inches.  The liners can be heat sealed together at this point or fastened with Wittclips™ or clamps.  The downside to this option is the transition of the overflow wall becomes bulky and can actually affect the cascade with the added thickness of two liners.  The upside to such a configuration is that if one station of the liner needs to be replaced only that portion of the liner needs to be removed and replaced versus all of the stations combined.

The important note is that as our motto says “We Can Line Anything” and a simple divider wall or multiple walls does not pose a situation that our drop in liners can’t handle.  As with any liner, accurate dimensions allow for a well-fitting tank liner regardless of the shape or size.



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