Solution between a CrossFilm™ skirt and your tank liner

Occasionally we get calls of concern from customers that notice that there is plating solution between their CrossFilm™ skirt and the main body of their tank liner.  This is a phenomenon that happens on occasion due to the mechanism of how the skirts are attached to the tank liner.

Being Teflon®, CrossFilm cannot be welded directly to PVC.  Therefore, to attach the skirt a series of small holes are punched around the top and bottom perimeters of the skirt.  Then a narrow strip of PVC is welded to the tank liner through those small holes.  The skirt is trapped between the strip and the tank liner and held into place.  The strip does not always create a liquid seal between the skirt and the tank liner and sometimes a small bit of solution can get in behind the skirt.

The purpose of the skirt is to protect the tank liner from being exposed to concentrated deposits of chrome that condense back on the liner.  The small amount of solution behind the skirt doesn’t evaporate and condense back on the liner and therefore doesn’t affect the service life of the liner whatsoever.

Be sure to recognize that when replacing the tank liner there may be some residual solution behind the skirt and that appropriate safety measures should be employed.


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