Besides being asked can a drop in liner be made to certain dimensions or have built in items like sumps or tank pads, a common question is “How big of a liner can you make?” The answer is “As big of a liner as you need!”

There really is no limit to the overall size of a tank liner or pit liner that we fabricate. The only consideration is how much of the liner can be made in one piece. From our end, our ability to fabricate in one full piece is about 3,000 pounds. We have also found that this is about as much weight as one can reasonably work with for the liner installation. When a project gets beyond that weight we find it best to make the liner in sections and have the sections of the liner welded together in the field.

As a general rule of thumb, an 1/8 in. gauge of PVC lining material weighs about one pound per square foot. So if the area to be lined is say 4,000 square feet, then an 1/8 in. liner probably will be made in two pieces for field installation. A 3/16 in. gauge liner weighs about one and a third pounds per square foot while a 3/32 in. gauge liner is about seven-tenths of a pound per square foot.


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