We make a point that we make industrial tank liners. We don’t make pond liners, lagoons, inflatables, etc. This is because the fabrication techniques for those products don’t lend themselves to making a well-fitting liner for tanks and containment areas. 

Another product application we fabricate is expansion joints or movement joints for ducting and pipelines. Expansion joints are used to allow fixed pieces of ducting or piping to be stress free as expansion or contraction occurs. They can also be used to connect ducting and piping to fixed pieces of equipment like fans to reduce vibrations that would also cause stress leading to failure.

We make expansion joints from PVC as well as LFP CrossFilm™. Depending upon temperatures and gases/air corrosiveness one material would be chosen over the other. Both square and cylindrical expansion joints can be made. The joints can be made “sleeve” style to slip over the outside of the duct/piping and sealed with an expansion joint or with a flange face for flange connection styles.

Both the PVC and LFP expansion joints have shown to provide superior service life to rubber or fabric based expansion joints.



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