Just as drains or outlets are a common feature in tanks, sometimes piping that extends into the tank can be present. Much like outlets, these too can be handled to accommodate a drop in liner.

Instead of having the PVC lining pass through the outlet we make a boot or spool piece that fits the outside of the piping. One end of the boot has a flange face that gets welded to the liner. The other end of the boot is hose-clamped to the pipe to create a seal. If needed, the boot of the PVC lining can be peeled back over the hose-clamp and welded to itself. This encapsulates the hose-clamp and protects it from the solution.

PVC liner boots can either be built into the liner or made separate for field installation. A minimum of a 6 in. pipe stub is needed and the pipe stub needs to be straight. Any bends or turns of the pipe would be attached after the liner boot is in place.


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