There are different types of PVC formulations for making tank liners with, each with their own chemical and temperature resistance ranges. When utilizing a PVC liner it is important to know the material’s upper temperature range in determining the service life and suitability for the application.

A flexible liner may be rated for a certain constant operating temperature, for example our Spectra Blue PVC is rated to 145-150 deg F, but the closer you operate a tank liner to its upper temperature limits the shorter the service life will be. A hotter solution will pull plasticizer out of the liner faster than a cooler solution will. Even when operating within the upper limits of the material a liner will have a shorter service life in a heated solution.

The further away from a liner’s upper temperature limit you can operate at the greater the service life you will see from that liner. A material formulation like Koroseal PVC which can run up to 200oF will see a greater service life than our Spectra Blue PVC at 145oF because the temperature is farther away from the Koroseal upper limit than the Spectra Blue upper limit.

Another consideration is that when operating near a tank liner’s upper temperature limit, if by accident you happen to exceed that temperature, you might not cause a deleterious effect on the liner but you could cause a rapid plasticizer loss that may contaminate the bath. Using a liner with a higher temperature rating may save you from this potential problem.


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