One of the tools used for repairing or welding PVC liners in the field is a hot air welding gun. Because they are widely used and a valuable tool we offer them for sale ourselves.

As featured in our video on how to repair liners with a hot air welder, we recommend and offer the Leister Triac S hot air welder. Besides the welder itself, we pair it with two different nozzle sizes, a set of motor brushes, and an extra heater element. We also carry rollers so that you can have a complete kit available for any welding needs.

Use of the welder starts with setting the proper temperature. There is no one set temperature for welding our plastic liners. Differences in thicknesses, formulations, as well as the ambient temperature can affect the proper temperature setting. We recommend testing the temperature setting on some scrap material first and then adjust the setting as needed.

To perform the weld the nozzle of the gun is placed between the two materials to be welded trying to get even heat on both pieces. As the plastic begins to melt move the nozzle of the welder and use a roller to press the two pieces together. Then use the hot air welder and roller to seal down the edge of the welded area as well.

Having a welder and roller on hand makes for fast and easy repairs on a liner if ever needed.


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