Previous blog posts have spoken about how LFP CrossFilm™ skirts can increase the service life of a PVC tank liner in hard chrome service, especially when coupled with Koroseal® PVC liners. The fabrication of  skirts is difficult, especially with regards to inserting the top corner of the LFP skirt.

In order to make the top corner an extra piece of LFP needs to be welded into the skirt. This is to provide coverage in the transition area where more material is needed to cover the area where the top of the liner meets the flange or rim of the liner. We have found that a thicker gauge of LFP (30 mil versus 20 mil) makes for a better top corner piece. Because the 30 mil is more rigid than the 20 mil material it will wrinkle or pucker less under the high temperature conditions of fabrication.  The result is a better fitting corner.

Originally the LFP CrossFilm was only available in its natural color. When the more aesthetic blue color became available we switched to that for the skirts but we still had a large inventory of the 30 mil gauge material that we use for the top corners. That is why when you inspect our LFP CrossFilm skirts the additional top corner piece is white versus the same blue color of the body of the skirt.



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