Measuring a tank for a drop in tank liner is a pretty easy process. There are a few things to keep in mind though when doing so.

First, although it would seem all we need to make a tank liner is the length, width, and depth of the tank, but the length and width measurements should be taken at various points and at both top and bottom of the tank. The depth of the tank should be measured in each corner. Not all tanks are perfectly square and we can accommodate for these differences if known.

Most tanks will have a fillet weld where sidewalls meet. If the fillet weld is ½ in. in size or smaller it can be disregarded. A larger fillet weld can be built into the tank liner if we are given those dimensions.

Besides the width of the top rim or flange of the tank the thickness is also important. With the thickness dimensions we can correctly specify the proper Wittclip™ for securing the liner.

For an outlet we need the inside diameter and length of the outlet from the inside of the tank to the flange face of the outlet. If the outlet is to be built into the liner we would also need the center line dimensions. For a boot that goes on the outside of a pipe we would need the outside diameter of the pipe.

We have a fillable PDF form that can be downloaded from our website. If you measure a tank when it is clean and dry, whether new or down for service, and file this information you can have a tank liner made without having to drain the tank.


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