To err is human and sometimes humans err when it comes to ordering their tank liners. No worries though. In many cases it isn’t too hard of a fix to adjust a PVC liner to the correct dimensions.

Sometimes after a liner is fully fabricated it can be discovered that the wrong dimensions were supplied. Or, plans may have changed and the liner needs to be re-worked to a different dimension. Most of the time this isn’t a hard fix. To add to the depth, length or width of a liner it is simply the cost of the extra material to be added. If taking away from the dimensions it’s just a matter of the man hours required to adjust the liner. All of the welds are made with our radio frequency welders so the liner maintains its integrity and will perform exactly as intended, even with cutting the liner apart and adding or subtracting from its dimensions. Altering all three dimensions is even possible.

There are some cases where it may not be economically feasible to rework a liner. A very small liner may not be worth the freight costs of sending the liner back and then returned to you. If the liner has a skirt and needs to be adjusted in that area it can be costly, especially with an LFP CrossFilm™ skirt. Liners that have an odd shape or specialty items (sumps, manways, overflows) can also prove to be more costly and time consuming to re-adjust than to simply make a new liner. Fortunately in these cases there is the benefit that liners can be stored for a long period of time. A new liner can be made and the old liner (assuming it fits one of your tanks) can be stored until needed. Our video on how to store a liner is below.

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