Because PVC liners can be folded compactly into boxes and placed on skids, our tank liners are ideal for shipping to international locations.

The inherent properties of a flexible PVC liner allows for the liner to be packaged in a protective cardboard box and strapped to a pressure treated skid. The small size of the shipping package allows for affordable rates with both air and ocean freight options.

Because of our ability to fabricate tank liners and ship internationally, customers worldwide have the opportunity to utilize a flexible PVC liner. This can prove to be far more economical than obtaining raw material and trying to locate skilled technicians in the area or pay for travel of technicians versus being to install a tank liner themselves. Many customers can install our flexible liner with their own staff.

Our office staff is very experienced with international shipments and in preparing the necessary paperwork for customs. We also work with an excellent freight forwarder to get the best shipping rates.

In the last few months we have shipped liners to locations such as Canada, Mexico, Peru, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Companies around the world are benefiting from the advantages of flexible PVC liners.



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