One of the benefits of a flexible PVC liner is that it requires minimal tank preparation which makes installation faster and easier than other lining systems. Before installing a liner there are some common sense considerations to make.

Naturally the tank needs to be clean and dry to being with. Any loose debris should be cleaned up and the tank dry to the touch. Check the tank for any sharp edges that could possibly puncture the liner. This could be from weld splatter or a crack or hole in the tank that has an exposed sharp edge. Either grind smooth or cover with padding. If there is a bonded liner in the tank you only need to remove any areas that have come loose from the tank. The bonded liner doesn’t need to be sandblasted off to install a drop in liner.

If there are outlets on the tank that are not used and will not be lined they should be filled with packing paper and then sealed off with cardboard or wood. This will prevent the drop in liner from being forced into the outlet from solution pressure and eliminate stress that could puncture the liner.

With the tank clean and dry and any areas that may puncture the liner addressed the tank is ready for the liner installation. If the tank is considered a “Confined Space Entry” then follow the appropriate protocol when installing the liner.

Exceline Liner

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