One of the many benefits of a flexible PVC liner is that only minimal prep work to the substrate area is usually needed to be done. With concrete applications extensive sand blasting and concrete repair isn’t necessary. Sometimes the concrete can be in very rough shape and pose an issue of puncturing or damaging the PVC liner. In these cases, a polypro padding can provide a quick and inexpensive remedy.

Our polypro padding is a nonwoven needle punched geotextile made of 100% polypropylene staple filaments. It comes in a 15 ft. wide roll and is cut on site to fit the containment area. Once in place the padding provides a cushion to protect the liner from any roughness in the concrete. The padding is resistant to UV as well as most acids and bases.

Typically, the padding is held into place by the same compression strip used to hold the liner in place. If needed, or preferred, the padding can be applied with a mastic or even double sided tape to keep in place.

In circumstances where the substrate is particularly rough and could damage the liner the use of a polypro padding layer can be faster and less expensive than sandblasting or grinding the area smooth.

Polypro Padding

Polypro Padding


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