Flexible PVC tank liners are not a commodity item.  There are inherent differences in material formulations along with fabrication techniques that separate tank liners from Witt Lining Systems from any other manufacturer.

Over the course of our 44 years of operations we have constantly been on the forefront in the development of material formulations.  We are always seeking and testing new materials that deliver outstanding service life at the most affordable cost.

Each of our material formulations bring their own unique characteristics and performance results.  From our lower cost Spectra Blue® PVC lining material to our exclusive Koroseal® PVC lining material, that has the highest temperature rating in the industry, each material formulation is unique.  Our long standing Exceline® PVC material has been altered and upgraded over the years as new formula additives have been developed.

Because each material formulation is different and unique to Witt Lining Systems, we need to eliminate confusion in the marketplace and identify the liners as being authentically from Witt.  To do so we have taken to marking each liner with our logo and trademarked material name with a hot stamp brand.  This branding mark is placed on the top rim of the liner.  Its high visibility ensures that the liner you have received is an authentic Witt Lining Systems product and that the material used is the highly regard formulation we have developed and that you have requested.  Simply put, if it didn’t come from Witt Lining Systems it isn’t a Witt liner!


Spectra Blue® PVC and Exceline® PVC are registered trademarks of Witt Lining Systems.

Koroseal® PVC is a registered trademark of Profusion Industries and used with permission.

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