Our PVC drop in liners are a great solution for secondary containment problems.  Flexible PVC liners are fast to install, require minimum surface preparation, and probably most important, can bridge cracks in concrete that would cause coatings to fail. 

Many of these containment applications are outdoors.  Overtime, UV radiation from sun exposure will degrade thermoplastics.  As the UV radiation breaks down the plastic it will cause the material to change color, lose flexibility, and eventually become brittle and crack.  As part of the material formulation UV stabilizers can be added which work to inhibit the effects of the UV radiation.  In our PVC formulations an absorber is added.  As its name implies, these compounds absorb the UV radiation and convert it into harmless infrared radiation.

Our Koroseal® PVC liners and Spectra Blue® PVC liners are extruded by a company that has a long history and background in products used for outdoor use.  They supply PVC materials for outdoor tents, awnings, and signage that have a proven record of many years of outstanding service.  This expertise and knowledge is used in the formulations used by Witt Lining Systems.  Both materials have been demonstrated to maintain their integrity when tested according to ASTM G154 QUV/A and QUV/B at 2,500 hours of exposure.

Every installation is unique.  Overall service life and performance may be affected by the chemical exposure, standard operating temperature, temporary temperature excursions and other variables such as geographic location.  Applications at say the USA-Mexico border will see more UV radiation than the USA-Canada border.  Consult with Witt Lining Systems to ensure the best possible solution to your lining needs.

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