One of the many benefits of a PVC drop in liner is that it can be folded compactly to minimize shipping costs.  Typically, when we ship liners we kick the bottom of the liner inwards and the widths of the liner out.  This makes for the most compact way of shipping a tank liner.

For a proper fit of the liner the bottom and widths need to be pushed back into place.  On a small liner you can push the bottom back out with the liner on the floor.  You might have to open the liner up and push from the inside but it should be an easy task.

On larger liners the best method is to attach the liner to a spreader bar that mimics the top rim of the tank.  As the liner is hoisted into position the bottom will fall back into place.  The widths may fall into place but may require a little bit of pushing on the outside to get them situated.

If a spreader bar isn’t available, the liner would be positioned into the tank against one length.  When the liner is opened up towards the other length the bottom will drop into place with the pressure of some people walking on the interior of the liner.  The widths will be pulled back into place when the bottom corners are properly situated.

General installation guidelines are included with each liner and we can discuss particular installation methods if needed.  We can also provide installation supervision and full turn-key installation as needed.


Liner with bottoms pushed in and widths pushed out.
Liner with bottoms pushed in and widths pushed out.



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