In concrete pits, it is not uncommon to have a core drilled hole with a plumbing connection that is inaccessible.  For a tank liner, this means that our standard way of handling outlets cannot be accommodated.  No problem though, there are ways to handle these holes.

One method is to extend a pipe stub into the pit.  The liner can then be notched to allow the pipe stub to pass through the liner.  Then a “boot” is made to go over the pipe stub and is sealed to the liner.  You can refer to our video on how to install a pipe boot.

Another method is to make a compression seal around the hole.  With the liner installed, a corresponding hole is cut into the liner and the studs of the anchor bolts are passed through the liner.  Then a compression ring is placed over the studs and tightened down.  This creates a seal of the liner against the concrete wall.  The concrete does need to be smooth in this area so that the liner can be sealed to the wall.   A high-quality sealant should be also be applied to ensure the liquid seal of the liner at this spot.

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