One of the advantages of a Witt drop in tank liner versus a bonded liner is that a drop in liner can be adjusted for size after fabrication should your requirements change.

Recently, we had a customer that had purchased a Koroseal® PVC tank liner with an LFP CrossFilm skirt and intended to store the liner so it was readily on hand when needed.  Since the purchase, the company changed its tank design and the dimensions of the tank liner didn’t match the designs of the new tank.  The liner needed to be 10 feet deep in order to fit the new tank.

The liner was shipped back to our facility.  We were able to cut the bottom off the liner and insert a 10 ft. deep piece to make the old liner fit the new tank.  Several thousands of dollars we saved because of the ability of a flexible drop in liner to be re-worked.  This was made possible because the original liner was still in new condition.  Had it seen chemistry and not been able to be cleaned up we may not have been able to alter the liner.  Nonetheless, a flexible liner offers the advantage of being altered in shape should your needs change – something that cannot be done with a bonded liner or applied coating system.


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