Handling Column Posts With A Flexible Liner

Our flexible PVC liners are a great choice for providing secondary containment in large work areas.  By not being bonded to the floor, our liners are not subject to flaking, peeling, nor being compromised by cracks in the substrate, unlike an applied coating.  In large areas it is common to have vertical beams and posts inside the containment area.  These beams can be roof supports, crane legs, or other supporting structures.  All these types of supports can be accommodated with our PVC liners.


During the installation of the main body of the liner, the liner is split to wrap around the support or the liner is placed in a few sections and overlaps near the supports.  The liner overlap is then welded to complete the seaming of the main liner.  A wrap around boot is constructed that, as its name implies, wraps around the support or post.  Besides covering the post or beam, the boot will have a flap that comes out on to the floor.  After wrapping the boot around the obstruction, the installer will complete the vertical weld seaming the boot together.  The flap on the boot is then welded to the floor making a liquid tight seal.  If needed, the boot can be clamped or compression stripped around the post making a liquid seal at the top of the boot as well.

Regardless of the shape or location of the supports, a Witt liner can be custom fabricated to provide years of worry free service in secondary containment applications.

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