Quality concrete tank liners

Concrete tank liners are a type of water tank liner. They’re made to be low maintenance and provide protection to your concrete tanks for around 50 years. These liners are most often found on farms, commercial properties and even at country homes. However, they can be found in nonagricultural areas, like hospitals. They can consist of different materials depending on the lining company, but some common liner materials include epoxy, steel, polyethylene, vinyl ester and polyurea.

Why might you need a high-quality liner for your concrete tank?

  • To preserve the integrity of your tank — One main reason for a liner in your concrete tank is to protect your tank. Installing a liner reduces exposure to environmental factors that may corrode, break, crack or affect the tank in any kind of way that might shorten its working life.
  • To safeguard against contamination — Another reason to line your concrete tank is so that you can keep your water safe and potable. A properly fastened liner can help protect your water from becoming contaminated in the event that something were to get through damaged concrete. Some examples include fungi, algae, and pests like bugs or rodents. 
  • To protect against water loss — One more reason you should consider a concrete tank liner is to prevent losing any of the water within the container. If your container were to spring a leak, you’d risk significant water loss without a durable liner to contain it.

Witt Lining can offer you flexible drop-in liner solutions that fit your needs

Witt Lining Systems has over 45 years of experience to refine the quality of our service so that we can provide the best lining systems for you. We know that our PVC lining solutions can solve your containment problems, like corrosion, no matter the container. We can service tanks, containment pits, floor areas and trenches. Our team works with some of the finest materials in the lining industry, including Spectra Blue, Exceline and Koroseal PVC. If you’re looking to protect your container from corrosive environments, rest assured that we’ve got the lining solutions to fit your needs.

Reach out to us today and take the first step toward getting the flexible drop-in liner solutions you need.

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