Trusted chemical tank liners: 2 key qualities to look for

Chemical tanks are containers that hold chemical substances. They are made in a wide variety of shapes and forms to hold a variety of quantities. Chemical tank liners are necessary for most tanks. The purpose of the liners is to protect the tank from corroding, protect the chemical from contamination, contain the chemical, and prevent leaching into the ground or contaminating groundwater. 

To learn more detailed information about what qualities you should be looking for in a trustworthy chemical tank liner, keep reading below.

What are some of the most important qualities of a good chemical tank liner?

  • A protective coating for corrosion resistance — A coated, reinforced membrane is key for protecting your tank from corrosive chemicals, acids, oils and even methane. High-quality chemical tank liners often feature protective coatings to prevent extensive corrosion. Corrosion control is key in a good chemical tank liner, to protect both the tank and the chemical inside the tank, and to prevent costly repairs or replacements.
  • Leak-resistant seal — You’ll want a liner that provides a leak-resistant seal to properly contain your chemicals. Liners are often relied on to contain liquids if a tank corrodes or springs a leak. If your liner doesn’t have a leak-resistant seal and your tank develops a crack or hole, your chemicals will eventually leak out of both the liner and the tank. The liner is meant to act as a safeguard for your tank.

Witt Lining can offer you flexible drop-in liner solutions that fit your needs

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