Quality water tank liners: What are they and why do you need them?

Tank liners are fast yet long-term solutions to sealing concrete or steel water tanks. They are often custom-made to the exact size and shape of a tank, effectively sealing the water and preventing direct tank-to-water contact. Doing so can prevent the development of mold, fungus and bacteria growth within the tank as well as protect the tank from early deterioration.

Why do you need quality water tank liners? 

Water tank liners can greatly impact the quality of your stored water and the longevity of your tank itself. You need a quality tank liner because: 

  • You need to protect your tank from long-term damage.

    If you are storing wastewater that is acidic in nature, you could be exposing your tank to damage like corrosion and flaking. Whether your tank is made of concrete, metal or durable plastic, the water you store could be causing those materials to deteriorate faster. Quality water tank liners can seal off wastewater from the tank so that you can get the most use out of the container.
  • You need to protect your water from contamination.

    If you are storing drinking water that comes into direct contact with the tank, you are risking water contamination. Chemicals from the tank, whether it’s made of concrete or metal, can interact with the water to render the water undrinkable. This is why federal regulations require a water tank liner when drinkable water is involved. Even when using a quality liner, the water in your tank needs to be tested and treated regularly in case of bacterial and chemical buildup.
  • You need to prevent water from leaking from your storage tank.

    Tank leaks can occur due to internal tank damage. They can also occur if your tank is old and has not been maintained in a long period of time. Unfortunately, leaks can slowly deplete your water storage and decrease your profit margins, especially if you only noticed the leak days after it began.

    Water tank liners can help prevent stored water from leaking in the first place. Quality water tank liners are durable, thick and flexible so that water is properly sealed from any potential cracks in the tank. On the other hand, poor tank liners can be thin, inflexible and easily penetrable, which can increase your chances of experiencing leakage over time. 

Our team at Witt Lining Systems can help you identify quality water storage liners

The quality of your water tank liners can save your business money and time. Our team at Witt Lining Systems is dedicated to customizing liners to the exact size of your tank. Our contractors can even install your cost-effective liner without drawn-out prep time. Get in touch with us today to discover a flexible drop-in liner solution that fits your needs.

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