4 benefits of using aquaculture liners

Today nearly half of all consumed fish comes from aquaculture, or the farming of fish and other aquatic animals. Additionally, the aquaculture industry uses and stores up to 2% of the global agricultural fresh water. With fresh water and live creatures on the line, each aquaculture storage tank needs to remain clean and free of toxic chemicals. Aquaculture liners can help these tanks maintain the pH balances that make them a livable environment. Choosing the aquaculture liners that best fit your needs can help you protect your containers as well as your food production.  

4 benefits of using aquaculture liners

Aquaculture liners can significantly benefit your cultivation system, helping you maintain quality while optimizing the longevity of your tanks. Your liners can offer the following advantages:

  1. Protection from contamination — Aquaculture liners are completely waterproof and sealed off from their surrounding containers. As a result, chemicals from a container cannot easily leech into the water and poison your fish. In addition, a liner can help you more easily control and monitor the pH levels of the water so that you can maintain optimal acidity levels.
  1. Protection against tank corrosion — Since a liner prevents the container and the water from coming into contact, you can preserve the structural integrity of the container. A waterproof seal prevents damage to the container, which may rust, corrode or leak. As a result, your tank can maintain its durability longer. 
  1. Prevention of leaks — Leaks that happen in an aquaculture system can be disastrous. Losing large amounts of water can drop a container’s pH levels and increase the risk of contamination. Of course, lost water can also put fish in danger of dying from a restricted water level. Thankfully, a liner can prevent leaks from happening in the first place, even if the container itself cracks. 
  1. Easier disease and bacteria removal — Some fish and shellfish can be sensitive to bacteria that cause disease. Aquaculture liners make it easier for you to see contaminants and dirt buildup. As a result, you can clean the container more frequently and protect your fish from illness. 

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Aquaculture liners can be key to the success of your business. Our team at Witt Lining Systems can help you determine which liners can best protect your aquaculture tanks over a long period of time. We’ll even install your liners for you. Reach out to us today and take the first step toward getting the flexible drop-in liner solutions you need.

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