Concrete tank lining systems: What you need

A tank lining system is an integral component for lengthening the life span and maintaining the structural integrity of a concrete tank. Besides providing a protective barrier against leaks and corrosion, a good concrete tank lining system will make cleaning and maintaining your concrete tank easier.

Some tank liners are designed to withstand high temperature ranges and aggressive chemicals. Others are tailored to different specific needs. But what do you need to know before installing a concrete tank lining system?

Preparation for a concrete tank lining system

  • Material selection — Tank linings come in all kinds of materials, and each is different. While there are many factors to consider, first and foremost is finding a liner material that is durable and resistant to the chemicals that may threaten to leak into or out from your concrete tank. PVC is a popular choice for tank liners due to its excellent resistance to chemicals, corrosion and abrasion.
  • Surface preparation — Before installing a lining system, it is important to thoroughly clean your tank to remove contaminants such as dirt and oil. Left alone, these contaminants could weaken the bond between tank and liner. Preparation methods may include sandblasting and pressure washing. The main priority here is ensuring that the tank surface is clean and smooth so that the lining can be installed with ease.

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