How to protect your water tank walls

Water tanks can play an important role in storing and transporting water for different purposes. Irrigation, household water use and industrial processes are just some of the ways water tanks can be used. Containment systems for potable water are designed to protect your water tank walls from issues that can appear. Factors like corrosion and contamination can affect an unprotected water tank, so it is important to take steps for protection.

Water tank wall protection methods

  • Regular maintenance — Regular maintenance is a good way to ensure that your water tank stays in working order. Cleaning the tank at consistent intervals can help prevent corrosion and contamination. Issues that get worse over time, like debris buildup near the tank, can be dealt with before they become severe. Addressing potential problems early on through regular maintenance is a good way to protect your water tank.
  • Leak monitoring — Water tank leakage can become a disaster if it is not addressed quickly. Water tanks should be inspected regularly to check for leaks and other issues so that any issue is responded to as soon as possible.
  • Tank liners — The best way to protect your water tank walls is with a tank liner. Besides preventing leaks, contamination and corrosion, liners can also extend the life of your water storage tank. Some liners even offer chemical resistance for added protection. With liner choices that come in all sizes and materials, you can find one that best suits your needs.

While all of these methods can contribute to water tank safety, tank liners are essential. Especially if the tank stores water for human consumption, it needs a protective coating or lining.

Witt Lining Systems offers liners to protect your water tank walls

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