How is a Witt tank liner made?

When the time comes to choose a tank lining system, Witt liners are an excellent choice. With nearly 50 years of experience as a leader in innovative lining solutions, Witt Lining Systems offers products designed to exceed customer expectations. Some clients wonder how these liners are made. The process of making a Witt liner is rigorous, as liners need to meet a high standard. Through this process, Witt Lining Systems is able to continue making tank liners known for their durability, flexibility, and chemical resistance.

Steps of making a Witt tank liner

  • Conceptualization — The production of your lining system begins before any material is cut or welded. The process starts with a concept and fabrication drawing. This blueprint is made according to the specifications of your tank, designed with your needs in mind. Another important part of the concept stage is selecting a raw material. Witt offers a range of excellent options such as Spectra Blue® PVC lining material.
  • Cutting — Once the concept is solidified, it is fabricated into the appropriate size and shape for the tank being lined. The first part of this process is cutting. To do this, the fabrication drawing is drawn onto raw material. The parts of your liner are measured out and cut to size.
  • Creasing — A creasing machine is used to crease the parts of your liner that need an angled bend. The cut parts of your material are placed into the machine, which is designed to precisely crease your material in the right places.
  • Welding — Multiple tools are used to weld the tank lining system. A specialized dielectric welding machine is used for the corners. For the main body, a radio frequency (RF) welder is used to connect it to the corners. Witt liners are designed to eliminate weak points, making them highly durable. This is done with a homogenous weld all the way through the material. This makes the weld as strong as the rest of the liner.

After the weld, your lining system is complete. The product undergoes quality control before it is shipped. Specialists at Witt Lining Systems meticulously inspect the tank liner for defects and measure it for accuracy. Finally, it is properly packaged so that it can be shipped to your location.

Witt Lining Systems can make a tank liner that works for you

At Witt Lining Systems, we are committed to serving your needs. Our transparency on the production process reflects the confidence we have in our tank lining systems. We understand the importance of finding a lining company you can trust.

Contact our team today to learn more about all the flexible drop-in tank liner options we offer.

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