3 specs to look for in pit liners

If you’re looking for a pit liner, it is important to find one you can trust. Pit lining systems are essential for protecting your facilities from potential hazardous spills and leaks. In many industries, pit lining systems see everyday use. From agriculture to construction, pits are lined to prevent chemical corrosion. There are many factors to consider when selecting a liner — can be difficult to know what specs are most important. Choosing an effective liner may require research, but you may want to know which specs to research first. Below are some of the most important elements of a good lining system for your pit.

3 important specs for pit liners

  • Material type — The most effective type of material will vary depending on your intended application. For pits where an aggressive application is necessary, Koroseal® PVC lining can be a great option. This liner is designed to resist strong corrosives and high temperatures. If these factors are relevant in your facility, this material can help.
  • Thickness — Thickness is an important factor in pit lining systems. The level of thickness can help determine overall strength. Consulting with a specialist can be helpful to determine a good thickness for your lining system. 
  • Resistance — When choosing a liner, durability is important. A good lining system will be long lasting and suffer minimal damage over time. Durability depends on many factors. In addition to material choice and thickness, the resistance of a liner plays a major role in determining durability. A good pit liner will be resistant to chemical damage as well as punctures and tears.

Witt Lining Systems offers pit liners to meet your specifications

When you purchase a liner from Witt Lining Systems, you are receiving a product backed by years of success and customer satisfaction. Our liners are made with exclusive formulations designed to keep your pits safe and stable. The manufacturing process can ensure strength and durability by minimizing weak points in your pit lining system. With a range of customization options available, you can find a liner that meets your needs.

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