Witt Lining Systems Receives Registration For PVC Lining Formulations

Witt Lining Systems has received notice from the United States Trademark Office that Certificates of Registration will be offered for SPECTRA BLUE and EXCELINE for the company with regards to the use of these names to identify specific formulations of PVC as used in the industrial corrosion resistant lining industry.

Effective immediately both Spectra Blue® PVC liners and Exceline® PVC liners will be marketed under the registered trademark designation as allowed by United States law.  These designations serve as notice that the rights and use of these names are the sole property of Witt Lining Systems and may be used only with permission.

Company President, Andrew Hotchkies, said of the announcement “Unfortunately other companies in our industry were trying to pass off their formulations of PVC as ours and attempt to piggy back off the long standing reputation we have for having the highest quality materials in the market place.  This should prevent any confusion of our materials versus anyone else.”

Both Spectra Blue® PVC liners and Exceline® PVC liners are proprietary formulations that are extruded to Witt’s exacting specifications.  “Each formulation has been developed to meet particular service needs.  Both materials have a great reputation in the marketplace and we are taking these steps to protect that reputation,” added Hotchkies.

Spectra Blue® PVC is moderately priced flexible PVC with a high resistance to acids and bases with a mid-level temperature range of 150oF.  Exceline® PVC liner is a more robust formulation with even greater chemical resistance and a temperature range of up to 190oF.  Applications for the materials include drop in tank liners, secondary containment liners, storage tank liners, floor liners, pit liners, and trench liners. Both of the material formulations are only available through Witt Lining Systems and their network of distributors/installers.

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