Witt Lining Systems Receives Export Award

Witt Lining Systems has just been recognized for the second consecutive year by the Oklahoma District Export Council for our achievements in export sales.  We are honored to receive the “Export Champion Award” for 2014.  The last twelve months have seen export sales of drop in tank liners to Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and throughout Canada and Mexico.

The award is given to small and medium sized businesses in the state for recognition of their role in job creation through effective exporting of their products.  The award is for the success we have had in the international marketplace and highlights the role that exporting plays in the United States economy.

The award was presented at the recent Oklahoma World Trade Conference.  Presenting the award were Charles Mills, Chairman, Oklahoma District Export Council and Marcus Verner, Director, United States Department of Commerce.  At the conference it was noted that exports from Oklahoma grew over 5% in the last year and that the state set a new record total for annual exports.

From our beginning, Witt Lining Systems has actively sought business partners that can use and promote our flexible PVC liners.  We are so appreciative of these partners and all of their efforts on our behalf and their part of this award.



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