Witt Lining Systems is known for bringing innovations to the tank liner industry such as new material formulations and pioneering skirts for hard chrome plating. One of other innovations is the Wittclip™ designed for fastening drop in liners to the rim of a tank.

Traditionally tank liners are secured with a drawstring rope. Unfortunately the drawstring rope allows the liner to sag into the tank greatly affecting the liner’s fit. As a liner gets bigger, this phenomenon becomes greater. We invented the Wittclip to eliminate this issue.

We have created twelve different styles of Wittclips to accommodate the different types of tank rims one might encounter. For the differing lengths of tank rims we have Wittclips that have different leg lengths. Longer rims use clips with longer legs and shorter rims use clips with shorter legs. For different rim thicknesses we have clips that have different spaces between the clip legs. We can accommodate up to a 2 in. thick tank rim. Then, for tanks that don’t have any rim, we have a clothespin style Wittclip. This style Wittclip doesn’t have a threaded stud but simply goes over top of the tank liner and tank rim and crimps the liner into place. These clips are often used on divider walls as well to help keep the tank liner in place.

Fortunately, you don’t need to know what style of Wittclip works with a particular tank rim. Just provide us with the tank rim details and we will make sure you are supplied the right Wittclip.


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