On occasion a tank containing a tank liner may be taken off line and stored for a period of time. Just as a tank liner can be stored on its own, if properly folded, there is no issue with storing a drop in liner in the tank itself.

An ongoing change between wet and dry environments can cause excessive plasticizer loss and a shortening of the tank liner’s service life. Because of this I am sometimes asked if storing the PVC liner filled with water will preserve the service life of the liner. As long as the liner either stays empty or stays full consistently the service life won’t be altered.

The one condition where filling the tank with water may make a difference is the ambient temperature of the tank. If stored outside in warm climates or stored in a room subject to elevated temperatures putting water in the liner can act as an insulator and keep the liner exposed to a lower temperature. If, however, there is the possibility that this environment can also get to freezing temperatures there is a risk that the water could freeze and puncture the liner. It would not be recommended to store the tank liner with water in this case.

The materials we use do contain UV inhibitors but sunlight can still affect service life. If the tank and tank liner are to be stored outside it would be recommended to cover the tank to protect the drop in liner.

I would also recommend rinsing the liner and remove any surface chemicals before storing the tank liner. Following these simple steps will allow you to store your tank and liner for an extended period of time until needed again.

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