Flexible PVC liners are an excellent method of providing corrosion resistance to concrete containment areas. In many cases, these areas will contain tanks, walkways, support beams or similar items that have a significant weight load. With proper consideration a Witt liner is more than compatible with any of these weight loads.

With the support of the floor beneath it, a flexible liner from Witt Lining Systems can handle most any weight capacity set upon it. As long as the item placed on top of the liner doesn’t have a sharp edge that could penetrate the liner there should be no issue with the liner and the weight load. Tanks, catwalks, posts, I-beams, etc. can all be located directly on top of a Witt containment liner.

For something that is sharp a simple solution is to place something as a shield between the item and the liner. A rigid block of plastic to protect the liner is a good idea. Alternatively an extra piece of the liner material itself may prove to be enough of a shield to protect the liner from any damage.


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