Just as our many formulations of PVC make for great tank liners they are also excellent for making tank covers. Whether it is for keeping heat in the tank or keeping contaminants out when not in service we can design a cover right for you.

The basic form would simply be a flat panel big enough to cover the top of the tank and secured on the tank rim. As the tank gets longer and wider supports may be necessary to prevent the liner from sagging into the tank and also make it easier to pull the cover off and access the tank.

The first support method would be to place a series of belt loops across the width of the cover. Through those belt loops a piece of plastic pipe can be inserted and provide support for the tank cover. The second method would be to fabricate pockets across the width and encapsulate a small metal rod. This method prevents the support from slipping out and makes folding of the cover a little easier.

Tank covers are typically made from a thinner gauge than a tank liner to make it easier to take on and off but we can make the cover out any thickness you desire. Because the cover is the same chemical resistant PVC that we make the tank liners from the service life should be considerable as long as care is taken not to mechanically destroy the cover.



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