Flexible PVC liners are a great solution for lining secondary containment areas. Applied coatings or paint may have its place in some applications but a flexible PVC liner can offer many advantages over coatings and you should consider these benefits when it comes to a corrosion resistant coating.

Some of the benefits that PVC liners offer over coatings include;

• Less prep time prior to installation
• Can be installed over top of green concrete
• Not affected by cracking concrete
• Uniform thickness throughout
• No cure time
• Much easier to repair if damaged
• Liners don’t flake or chip
• Can be easily removed if needed

A thin rolled on painted coating may be less expensive to put down at first, but when considering service life, maintenance costs, and repair costs once the concrete foundation cracks, a flexible PVC liner is typically less expensive over the life span of the containment liner than an applied coating is.

Make sure you aren’t missing out on these benefits!


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