Pipe penetrations can be accommodated with a Witt drop in tank liner.

Besides the pipe boot you will also need two hose clamps and high quality adhesive sealant.

When installing the drop in tank liner, cut a notch in the liner that allows the pipe to pass through the liner.

Apply three thin layers of sealant in the area where the hose clamps will be applied and slip the pipe boot over the pipe.

Weld the flange of the pipe boot to the liner with either a hot air welder or flexible PVC adhesive.

Tighten the hose clamps to seal the pipe boot to the boot.

If the clamps aren’t compatible with the solution peel the end of the pipe boot over the clamps and weld the pipe boot to the sleeve protecting the hose clamps.

To properly size the pipe boot we need the outside diameter of the pipe to be line and its length.  Pipe boots can be built into the liner if we are given the center line locations but installation is usually easy by having the pipe boot made separate from the liner, particularly if there is more than one penetration.



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