A tank liner from Witt Lining Systems can be built with fittings for any tank outlets already attached to the PVC drop in liner.  With the proper preparation installation is easy.

Before installing the tank liner, lay the liner on the floor so you can prepare the outlet. Place a guide rope inside the outlet and tape the flange face into a small enough diameter to pass through the piping.

Run the guide rope through the tank outlet. Use the rope to guide the liner outlet through the piping. Do not use the rope to pull on the liner outlet as it may tear the outlet. Push the outlet through the piping from the inside of the tank. If you are having trouble getting the outlet through, re-tape to a smaller diameter.

With the outlet through the piping, undo the tape on the flange face and unfold. With the rest of the liner in place you can then connect the flange face fitting of the piping to finish the installation.




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