Water trough liners: Everything you need

Water trough liners are flexible materials designed to be placed on the inside of livestock water tanks or troughs. They serve a variety of purposes as a protective solution to protect the integrity of the trough and the water quality

Troughs without liners run the risk of corrosion, leakage and contamination. To learn more detailed information about why you should invest in a high-quality water trough liner for your livestock troughs, keep reading below.

Why do you need a high-quality water trough liner?

  • To help prevent contamination — Another good reason to get a high-quality liner in your water trough is to help manage bacteria and algae growth. Too much growth in your trough can contaminate the water source for your livestock. Aside from algae, there is also the potential for fungi to grow or for pests to enter your water trough and contaminate the water. A liner ensures that when you do replace the water supply, you can easily deal with any contamination that may occur.
  • To lower your expenses down the road — Making repairs or replacing a damaged water trough can be very costly. Water trough liners can prevent corrosion over time while also containing your water in the event that your trough develops a hole that causes a leak. If you’ve got a trough, one of the smartest things you can do to preserve it is to invest in a water trough liner.

Witt Lining can offer you flexible drop-in liner solutions that fit your needs

Witt Lining Systems has over 45 years of experience to refine the quality of our service so that we can provide the best lining systems for you. We know that our PVC lining solutions can solve your containment problems, like corrosion, no matter the container. We can service tanks, containment pits, floor areas and trenches. Our team works with some of the finest materials in the lining industry, including Spectra Blue, Exceline and Koroseal PVC. If you’re looking to protect your container from corrosive environments, rest assured that we’ve got the lining solutions to fit your needs.

Reach out to us today and take the first step toward getting the water trough liner solution you need.