Secondary containment liner: We have you covered

A secondary containment liner is a type of material that serves as a barrier between a fluid and the container in which the fluid is contained. It can be used to protect the integrity of a container, to prevent contamination of a site, or to keep fluid from becoming contaminated. They can serve a broad variety of purposes. Many industrial-type facilities rely on secondary containment liners. Any manufacturing plant, or plating shop, should consider secondary containment liners to prevent their caustic solutions from getting into the ground in the event of a spill. This is good for the environment and also helps you to potentially avoid hefty government fines in the event of a spill. 

In what types of containers can a container lining be useful?

  • New assembly lines. 
  • New manufacturing plants.
  • Tanks.
  • Basins.
  • Berms.
  • Detention ponds.
  • Cisterns.

Why should you want a containment liner?

  • To provide protection from corrosion — There are a number of different types of liquids that could corrode your containers over time if they’re artificial containers like tanks, vessels and cisterns.
  • To protect the integrity of a land site or groundwater from chemical contamination — Another reason to use a containment liner is to protect your land or groundwater from being contaminated. Chemicals and other liquids can seep into the ground if not properly contained by a durable liner, posing significant health risks to humans and causing environmental damage.
  • To preserve the integrity of a chemical or contain a liquid — Some industries rely on containment liners to preserve their chemicals so that they don’t become contaminated with other substances. 

Witt Lining can offer you flexible drop-in liner solutions that fit your needs

Witt Lining Systems has over 45 years of experience to refine the quality of our service so that we can provide the best lining systems for you. We know that our PVC lining solutions can solve your containment problems, like corrosion, no matter the container. We can service tanks, containment pits, floor areas and trenches. Our team works with some of the finest materials in the lining industry, including Spectra Blue, Exceline and Koroseal PVC. If you’re looking to protect your container from corrosive environments, rest assured that we’ve got the lining solutions to fit your needs.

Reach out to us today for more information about our containment liner solutions.

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