Find the right liners for your water tanks

If you store water in large tanks, you may be legally required to line your tanks with durable and safe liners. A tank liner refers to a material that is placed between the stored water and its container. Liners can prevent chemical contamination and leakage from occurring over time. 

If you’re in the market for new water tank liners, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the vast number of available types, materials, features, and sizes. Depending on the purpose and placement of your business’s tanks, certain liners may protect both your tanks and your stored water better than others. While choosing a water tank liner for your tanks, it can be important to learn about the various types so that you can make an informed financial decision.

4 types of liners that may be the right fit for your water tanks

Liners can be made out of several heavy-duty materials and fabrics in order to better accommodate a tank’s unique shape and function. Your choice of a liner should be based on various factors, including its ability to serve as a watertight sealant. Before you purchase tank liners for your business, you should know about the following types of liners to help you decide which ones may be better for your business: 

  • Epoxy linings — Epoxy tank linings are made from epoxy material, which can be durable and work under high temperatures. It can also be developed to be chemical resistant, moisture tolerant, and solvent-free. As a result, epoxy linings can be ideal for water tanks. 
  • Polyurethane linings — Polyurethane tank linings are flexible and ideal for concrete structures. They also do not release harmful chemicals into the water in the tank or into the air, making them eligible for NSF 61 certification of contact with drinking water.
  • Vinyl ester tank liners — Vinyl ester liners are made from vinyl material and are highly resistant to chemical infiltration and contamination. As a result, they can help keep drinking water safe. 
  • Stainless steel liners — Stainless steel linings are made from polished or rough stainless steel. They provide a protective layer against corrosion caused by chlorine in stored water. 

Our team at Witt Lining Systems can help you find the right water storage liners for you

Tank liners can offer a long-term solution to leaking tanks or concrete areas. Our team of experts at Witt Lining Systems can help you choose the most effective tank liner for your tanks. Our liners are custom-fabricated to the exact size and shape of your tank and do not require long prep time. Contact our team today to learn more about all the flexible drop-in liner options we offer.

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