Month: January 2023

Chroming tanks play an essential role in many industrial processes. These tanks store and process elements that are used in products such as electroplating. Because the material in these tanks is both sensitive and dangerous, a trustworthy liner is necessary.

There are many different tank liners, but only some protect against chrome vapors. The concentrated chrome vapors produced by chrome plating solutions can cause serious damage to traditional PVC liners. Liners made for these tanks in particular have specific parts to prevent leaking or damage.

Components of a good chroming tank liner

  • Skirt — The lining skirt acts as a secondary layer of defense against corrosive chemicals. While these are optional, skirts are a popular option for significantly lengthening the lifetime of your tank liner and reducing leakage issues. Some skirts will dissolve over time, leaving the main liner vulnerable. LFP skirts, however, are chemically inert. This means they will not break down, so both layers of your lining system can stay intact for maximum protection.
  • Main liner — The main liner is responsible for protecting your tank from chemical leakage or exposure. PVC is a good material for the main liner. It is lightweight, easy to install and resistant to chemicals. Some PVC thermoplastics are specifically designed to withstand intense chemical exposure. These can help keep your tank sealed and protected.

A trustworthy tank liner offers long-lasting protection with both the skirt and the main tank liner. Less durable liners need to be changed out more often, incurring more of the time commitments and financial costs associated with replacing a lining system. For the best results in cost and safety, you should install a lining system that is built to last.

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At Witt Lining Systems, you can find chroming tank liners with durable skirts. These offer two layers of protection from corrosive chrome condensate. Our professional technical experts can help you get a liner that fits the needs of your specific tank.

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Quality water tank liners

Water tank liners are an important part of many homes and businesses, used to store and distribute water for a variety of purposes. When you’re looking for a water tank liner, you probably want the best option available. Quality water tank liners are essential to keeping your water tank in good working condition. Without them, water tanks are exposed to the elements. This can lead to leaks and corrosion, which can then require expensive repairs and maintenance. Investing in a high-quality water tank liner is important to ensure that your tank stays in good working condition for years to come.

There are different water tank liners on the market, so which is right for you? These are the important factors to consider.

What makes a quality water tank liner?

  • Thickness — Liners come in different densities to fulfill different purposes. A thicker liner will usually provide the most years of protection, but may come with a higher upfront cost. Some liner types have multiple size options available to fit your tank.
  • Resistance — A good liner will not only be thick, it will also be effective in protecting the tank from corrosion and contamination. This means using a material that is impermeable even at the seams, and not easily eaten away by strong chemicals.
  • Material — Though water tank liners come in a range of materials, NSF PVC is a popular choice for its durability and resistance to chemicals. NSF PVC formulations can be tailored with higher chemical resistance and temperature limits as well. NSF PVC is also known for its flexibility, allowing it to adapt to the unique shapes of most water tanks.
  • Installation — While it is essential to have a professional help install your water tank liner in any case, some liners take less time to install than others. Flexible drop-in liners can be installed easily, allowing your tank to be back in operation as soon as possible.

Witt Lining Systems can protect your tanks with quality water tank liners

Before making a decision, it’s best to consult with a professional to determine the appropriate liner for your specific needs. Our technical experts will be happy to assist you.

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Water tanks are essential instruments for many homes, farms and industrial sites. They are used to store water for a variety of purposes, including drinking, so finding a liner that keeps your water protected from outside elements alongside general wear and tear is very important. To ensure safety and longevity, your water tank needs to function properly. For that, you should learn about the different types of liners available and how to choose the right liner for your water tank. 

Factors to consider when choosing a water tank liner

  • Purpose — People have water tanks for many reasons. You may look for different things in a liner depending on whether your tank is used for potable water or for waste management. If you need a liner for potable water, for example, you will want one that is legally approved by the American National Standards Institute, meaning that it meets the national standard for a drinking water contact material. Some materials will specify that they are NSF-61 approved.
  • Size — Water tanks come in all shapes and sizes. To make sure a liner is your desired size, look for product specifications or compatibility guides. You can also speak with technical experts who can lead you to the right product for your tank. 
  • Climate — Depending on the climate of your water tank and its surrounding environment, you may want a liner that can endure the temperatures and weathering effects of that particular climate. Liners for water tanks will typically have a clear temperature range, so you should select one that matches your climate for best results.

When picking out a tank liner, considering all of the above factors will help you make an informed decision. 

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With many customizable options to choose from, our experts can help find a liner that meets all your needs. Whether your tank is large or small, cold or hot, we can reach a solution that works for you.

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A tank lining system is an integral component for lengthening the life span and maintaining the structural integrity of a concrete tank. Besides providing a protective barrier against leaks and corrosion, a good concrete tank lining system will make cleaning and maintaining your concrete tank easier.

Some tank liners are designed to withstand high temperature ranges and aggressive chemicals. Others are tailored to different specific needs. But what do you need to know before installing a concrete tank lining system?

Preparation for a concrete tank lining system

  • Material selection — Tank linings come in all kinds of materials, and each is different. While there are many factors to consider, first and foremost is finding a liner material that is durable and resistant to the chemicals that may threaten to leak into or out from your concrete tank. PVC is a popular choice for tank liners due to its excellent resistance to chemicals, corrosion and abrasion.
  • Surface preparation — Before installing a lining system, it is important to thoroughly clean your tank to remove contaminants such as dirt and oil. Left alone, these contaminants could weaken the bond between tank and liner. Preparation methods may include sandblasting and pressure washing. The main priority here is ensuring that the tank surface is clean and smooth so that the lining can be installed with ease.

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With water storage tanks, safety comes first. Every tank will require certain components to make sure the water can be safely consumed. Liners must be made of NSF material if the water is to be consumed; Witt Lining Systems has two different NSF options available. Water storage tank liners are an essential component of any water storage system, as they protect the tank from leaks and other forms of damage. If the tank stores water for human consumption especially, it needs a protective coating or lining.

Besides preventing leaks, contamination and corrosion, liners can also extend the life of your water storage tank. Some liners even offer chemical resistance for added protection. With liner choices that come in all sizes and materials, it’s important to find the one that best suits your needs. 

Traits to look for in a water storage tank liner

  • Durability — A good, long-lasting liner can take general wear and tear. It’s important for the tank to stay watertight, as a leaky liner can introduce dangerous contaminants into the tank or drain what’s already inside. Weather resistance may be an important factor as well, depending on where your water tank is located. In general, an ideal liner should be able to hold up in nearly all conditions and locations.
  • Installation — Installing a liner can be costly, especially if the process requires hiring professionals. When choosing a liner, installation procedure may be something that factors into your budget. Time is often a consideration as well, as tank downtime should be limited so that it can return to use as quickly as possible. Cost-effective options do exist, however, like this drop-in liner that was easily installed over a weekend.
  • Flexibility — Water tank size can vary a lot, and you’ll want the liner that fits your tank best. The material should be strong enough to prevent leaks, yet also flexible enough to match the contours of your tank and environment. An inflexible liner is more likely to crack and puncture, so purchasing a flexible liner can boost the longevity of your tank and its liner. 

Choosing the right liner matters. A good option will keep your tank secure for a long time, be easy to install, and be flexible enough to match your individual water tank.

Witt Lining Systems offers water storage tank liners to meet your needs

At Witt Lining Systems, you can find the perfect lining solution for your water tank. We serve customers in a broad spectrum of industries with a commitment to providing customized and personal service. Our flexible drop-in liners offer simple installation, structural integrity and flexibility to meet your needs.

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