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With water storage tanks, safety comes first. Every tank will require certain components to make sure the water can be safely consumed. Liners must be made of NSF material if the water is to be consumed; Witt Lining Systems has two different NSF options available. Water storage tank liners are an essential component of any water storage system, as they protect the tank from leaks and other forms of damage. If the tank stores water for human consumption especially, it needs a protective coating or lining.

Besides preventing leaks, contamination and corrosion, liners can also extend the life of your water storage tank. Some liners even offer chemical resistance for added protection. With liner choices that come in all sizes and materials, it’s important to find the one that best suits your needs. 

Traits to look for in a water storage tank liner

  • Durability — A good, long-lasting liner can take general wear and tear. It’s important for the tank to stay watertight, as a leaky liner can introduce dangerous contaminants into the tank or drain what’s already inside. Weather resistance may be an important factor as well, depending on where your water tank is located. In general, an ideal liner should be able to hold up in nearly all conditions and locations.
  • Installation — Installing a liner can be costly, especially if the process requires hiring professionals. When choosing a liner, installation procedure may be something that factors into your budget. Time is often a consideration as well, as tank downtime should be limited so that it can return to use as quickly as possible. Cost-effective options do exist, however, like this drop-in liner that was easily installed over a weekend.
  • Flexibility — Water tank size can vary a lot, and you’ll want the liner that fits your tank best. The material should be strong enough to prevent leaks, yet also flexible enough to match the contours of your tank and environment. An inflexible liner is more likely to crack and puncture, so purchasing a flexible liner can boost the longevity of your tank and its liner. 

Choosing the right liner matters. A good option will keep your tank secure for a long time, be easy to install, and be flexible enough to match your individual water tank.

Witt Lining Systems offers water storage tank liners to meet your needs

At Witt Lining Systems, you can find the perfect lining solution for your water tank. We serve customers in a broad spectrum of industries with a commitment to providing customized and personal service. Our flexible drop-in liners offer simple installation, structural integrity and flexibility to meet your needs.

Get in touch with us today to discover a flexible drop-in liner solution that fits your needs.

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