Trusted liners for chroming tanks

Chroming tanks play an essential role in many industrial processes. These tanks store and process elements that are used in products such as electroplating. Because the material in these tanks is both sensitive and dangerous, a trustworthy liner is necessary.

There are many different tank liners, but only some protect against chrome vapors. The concentrated chrome vapors produced by chrome plating solutions can cause serious damage to traditional PVC liners. Liners made for these tanks in particular have specific parts to prevent leaking or damage.

Components of a good chroming tank liner

  • Skirt — The lining skirt acts as a secondary layer of defense against corrosive chemicals. While these are optional, skirts are a popular option for significantly lengthening the lifetime of your tank liner and reducing leakage issues. Some skirts will dissolve over time, leaving the main liner vulnerable. LFP skirts, however, are chemically inert. This means they will not break down, so both layers of your lining system can stay intact for maximum protection.
  • Main liner — The main liner is responsible for protecting your tank from chemical leakage or exposure. PVC is a good material for the main liner. It is lightweight, easy to install and resistant to chemicals. Some PVC thermoplastics are specifically designed to withstand intense chemical exposure. These can help keep your tank sealed and protected.

A trustworthy tank liner offers long-lasting protection with both the skirt and the main tank liner. Less durable liners need to be changed out more often, incurring more of the time commitments and financial costs associated with replacing a lining system. For the best results in cost and safety, you should install a lining system that is built to last.

Find chroming tank liners you can trust at Witt Lining Systems

At Witt Lining Systems, you can find chroming tank liners with durable skirts. These offer two layers of protection from corrosive chrome condensate. Our professional technical experts can help you get a liner that fits the needs of your specific tank.

Reach out to us today and take the first step toward getting the flexible drop-in liner solutions you need.

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