Exclusive Koroseal® drop-in liners

If you are looking for a lining system with a track record of superior performance, Koroseal PVC liners can be a great choice. These liners are designed to resist alkalis, salts and strong corrosives. While this liner can help in a range of applications, it is especially effective for equipment like chemical storage and chrome plating tanks. Other materials may not be able to withstand the heightened temperature and chemical concentrations of these environments. High-performance PVC liners provide greater resistance. They can improve reliability in harsh environments, making them a popular choice.

Benefits of Koroseal drop-in liners

  • Durability — This is a highly durable form of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. The materials and manufacturing process help ensure that every part of the liner provides protection. With minimal weak points, these liners can prevent punctures and tears. This leads to financial savings, as equipment is less likely to be damaged and require replacement. The high reliability of these liners also improves uptime. This means your equipment can stay active and efficient.
  • Flexibility — PVC materials are excellent for providing flexibility without sacrificing protection. This lining system is highly flexible, easily able to fit most surface shapes. It can be difficult to find rigid liners for tanks with unconventional tanks. With a flexible drop-in liner, this is not a concern. This makes it an ideal choice for lining applications that require customization.
  • Resistance — Lining systems are often required for containment areas with high chemical concentrations. Because of this, some liners are damaged over time. Liners with low chemical resistance often need to be replaced quickly. When you select a high-performance liner designed to resist chemical corrosion, you can reduce overall life cycle cost. High-quality lining systems can save money in the long run.

Find exclusive Koroseal liners at Witt Lining Systems

At Witt Lining Systems, we offer top-performing PVC lining systems. Our proprietary compounds offer superior protection and performance. With decades of experience and client satisfaction, we can put our expertise to work in providing you with quality liners.

Reach out to us today and take the first step toward getting the flexible Koroseal drop-in liner solution you need.

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