What is the best method for fastening a tank liner?

Prior to our invention of the Wittclip™ fasteners the most common method of securing a drop in liner in a tank was with a drawstring rope.  The problem with the drawstring rope is that it doesn’t securely lock the tank liner to the lip of the tank.  When the tank is filled with solution it can pull the liner into the tank and greatly affect the fit.  The bigger a liner gets the more prominent this problem becomes.

To solve this problem, Witt Lining Systems invented the Wittclip™ fastener.  The Wittclip™ is a u-shaped stainless steel clip with a threaded bolt welded on one end.  The Wittclip™ securely locks the liner to the lip of the tank.  When the tank is filled with solution, rather than pulling the liner into the tank, the weight of the solution pushes the tank liner flush to the sidewalls making for a perfect fitting tank liner!

Wittclips™ are easy to install and come in an array of sizes to handle most any tank rim dimension.



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  • Wittclips also reduce the number of people required to get a liner in place and secure it there. Each clip acts as an extra hand to hold the liner where it belongs as you work you way around the tank top perimeter.

    A rope system requires more hands because you must get the WHOLE liner in place before you can secure the rope. More time, more labor, equals more cost to install a liner supported by a rope. Not to mention the frustration!

    Wittclips make a drop in liner fit more like a bonded liner on the top flange and throughout the tank. Proper liner fit speeds reinstallation of other tank accessories including probes, heaters, coils, and air agitation. Proper fit helps prevent liners from bagging or sagging into the tank where loaded racks can snag, cut, or tear the lining. As Witt’s factory installer, we have seen the value of Wittclips every time we use them!

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