We have a motto or saying around there that “cheaper doesn’t always mean less expensive”.  When it comes to tank liners there certainly is a ratio between price and performance.  With all things being equal, would you like to lower your cost ratio by 5-10 percent?

Something that is cheaper in cost but doesn’t last as long has a higher cost ratio compared to something that costs more but lasts longer.  One particular place this comes into play is in the gauge of material.

Naturally, being thinner, a 3/32 in. liner is cheaper than an 1/8 in. gauge liner.  The difference in costs between these two gauges runs between 15 and 20 percent.  However, the difference in the amount of material is 25 percent.  So for only 15 or 20 percent more in cost you have just increased the service life of your liner by 25 percent!  When it comes to liner gauge, 1/8 in. thickness offers a far better value than 3/32 in.

This is just one of the ways that being cheaper doesn’t mean less expensive!  For more, check out this short study.



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