A flexible liner from Witt Lining Systems is a perfect solution for lining a concrete pit.

In concrete applications, a containment liner from Witt offers the following benefits.

• No extensive concrete prep work is needed.
• Liquid integrity not affected by cracking of concrete.
• No cure time.
• Easily repairable.
• Doesn’t flake, peel or chip.

With the pit clean, dry, and free of any loose debris, the installation can begin.

The first step is to mark a line where the mechanical fasteners are to be placed. For holding the liner in place, 12 in. centers can be used, and in areas where a liquid seal is needed, 6 in. centers should be used.

To protect the liner from any rough concrete a geo-textile padding is installed.

Unroll the liner in the bottom of the pit and line up the bottom corners of the liner with the bottom corners of the pit.

Pull up the sidewalls of the liner and fasten on to the studs.

Continue working the sidewalls into place along the widths and length of the containment area.

If made in sections, the liner can then be heat sealed together along with welding any boots for piping.

Position the compression strips and washers over the studs and fasten the nuts. Apply a high-grade caulk in areas where a liquid seal is needed.

The liner is now ready for use and the concrete pit can be put back into service.


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