Witt Lining Systems is excited to announce that we now offer flexible Kynar® PVDF drop in liners.  Witt has worked hand in hand with both the resin manufacturer and an exclusive extruder to bring this exciting new material to the marketplace.

Kynar is a proprietary PVDF formulation that brings with it exceptional chemical resistance to a wide range of acids, bases, and solvents.  Our flexible Kynar formulation is 100% Kynar PVDF.  This material isn’t a polyester fabric with a small coating of PVDF over top of it that quickly degrades if scratched.  Our PVDF liners bring with them the full corrosion and abrasion resistance that Kynar is known for.

Just like our flexible PVC liners, our Kynar liners are constructed in one piece and shipped to you for easy installation.  No extensive preparation work is needed – just drop the Kynar liner in your tank can go to work!  Our Kynar liners can be custom fabricated to most any size or shape including outlets or pipe penetrations.  Like our PVC liners, Kynar liners can be repaired with a hot air welder if damaged.

Our flexible Kynar liners are available in a 40 mil gauge and are considerably more economical than rigid sheet inserts.  Contact us for material samples or pricing.


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