With an unparalleled track record of performance, Koroseal® Protective Lining has been the trusted name in corrosion resistant lining for over 60 years.  Recently a new material has entered the market with claims that the product is the same or better.  However, there is no concrete proof to substantiate these claims.

This new material is being offered as the same or equivalent to Koroseal PVC.  Outside of being black, the comparisons quickly end and there is no independent research supporting such claims being offered. The promotional materials make some claims of the material having a higher tensile strength or greater elongation. While this is interesting, it is not unusual for different materials to have different specs. The fact is that those specs do not relate to the purpose of the lining material – corrosion resistance.

Sellers of this product also make the statement that the material has a specific gravity of 1.26 versus the specific gravity of Koroseal of 1.23.  They try to make this important by stating “this means it’s a ‘tighter’ material, the molecules are closer together so there is less void on a molecular level.”

There are many formulary methods and performance additives that contribute to a higher or lower specific gravity.  Specific gravity alone is not an established predictor of corrosion resistance.  That is, a higher or lower specific gravity by itself does not predict better or worse performance in corrosive environments.  Moreover, a difference in specific gravity of 0.03 is unremarkable and could easily be the result of common variability in laboratory measurement technique and/or difference in mathematical rounding performed in specific gravity calculations.  

 – Nick Garst, Director Product Development and Technical – ProFusion Industries

The purpose of a flexible PVC liner is to provide corrosion resistance to the environment it is exposed to.  The choice is between Koroseal Protective Lining, a material that has decades of real world proven performance, or another material with little practical performance data and misleading information about specific gravity.


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